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The short version of my long story

When I was around 40 my body was telling me it needed something more. I was bored of the same routine at the gym. Once I discovered Pilates I was immediately hooked. This functional exercise was just what this mom needed. Not only was my body happy but also my mind! I continued practicing Pilates, eventually became certified, and began teaching. Gradually I realized it was exactly what my soul needed as well. I have been known to say Pilates saved my life and I still believe it.

After years of practicing Pilates, teaching and eventually opening my own studio in my home, once again my body needed something else. I absolutely love Pilates but it wasn't helping me to control and maintain a healthy weight. I was also very stressed and fatigued with all of lifes ups and downs. I didn't even know how drained and tired I had become until I started to heal.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Hoshimottos Thyroiditis by a Naturopathic Doctor. Thank God, because this ND encouraged me to make changes to my diet right away. During a difficult time in my life I struggled to be successful with these changes on my own. Just so happens, at this same time I met a Wellness Coach who helped guide me through multiple lifestyle changes including help with what to eat. With these changes I was able to go on a journey to wellness that has been amazing. I lost over 20 pounds, gained more energy, and have more focus and clarity than I have ever had. I just completed a year long program and recently received my certification through Institute of Integrative Nutrition and my Pilates business is thriving.

I became a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach in order to help others learn how to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

My job is not to diagnose, fix, treat or prescribe to you. You are naturally resourceful, creative and whole. You have the answer inside of you. I am trained to create space and a supportive environment which enables you to first release whatever is holding you back and then help you brainstorm, articulate and achieve your wellness goals through actionable bite-sized lifestyle changes. I have a toolbox of resources to draw from, including my own story and journey to wellness.

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