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Your Body Pilates & Holistic Wellness
Start with a Breakthrough Session


Your Body Pilates & Holistic Wellness

Both encourage mindfulness, creating awareness, the first step to healing

Your Body Pilates & Holistic Wellness

Both build strength from the inside out

Your Body Pilates & Holistic Wellness

Both lead to living your healthiest and happiest life

Hey, I'm Kristy!

My passion for health leads to longevity and happiness. I support clients through self-made wellness plans focusing on their own strengths, values and vision. As a HBC-HWC certified health and wellness coach and a Stott Pilates certified instructor with over 17 years of experience, my coaching is rooted in a self-awareness approach to health, fitness and holistic wellness. Clients often appreciate my ability to ask, listen, reflect and guide them in the direction that best suits them. For me, wellness is a personal journey, as I overcame health challenges through the very practices I inspire. My goal is to help others discover what health and wellness means to them.

My work as a Pilates Instructor has always been to assist clients in learning about their bodies, offer them safe and appropriate exercises, and encourage them to pay attention and take care of themselves while moving functionally or athletically. By integrating these principles as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach I have helped my clients achieve goals faster than ever before. My expertise is based on my extensive knowledge of lifestyle management, overall wellness and fitness techniques that work. However, my success with clients comes from helping them discover what best motivates them. By asking the right questions and letting the client lead the way I can more easily provide them with the encouragement and support they need to succeed in achieving their goals and maintaining them long term. 


Combining my experience in teaching Pilates with my Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching was a natural transition. I strongly believe that awareness is the first step to making change and I am blessed to help others discover what that is for them.


Building a community and support with like-minded women is my passion and my goal. 

Be Fit, Be Happy, Stay Healthy


Stott Pilates Certified on all equipment and Mat, including advanced repertoire 

Stott Pilates Injury and Special Populations

HBC-HWC Certified

Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach


Women of all ages

Those working on rehabbing an injury or life skill

Those who have put themselves last for too long

Anyone who is interested in living a long, healthy and joyful life

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Our Services

We offer Private and Group Pilates training as well as Group and Private Holistic Health & Wellness coaching. 

Depending on your goals, your membership may offer every realm of instruction.

Most services are done virtually through zoom allowing no room to lose momentum or vere off course.

Our community is supportive and inspiring working toward similar goals together.


Not yet sure about virtual Pilates instruction or Health coaching? Check out the testimonials page! 



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Your Body Pilates & Holistic Wellness

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“Your Body Pilates has made my body stronger! I love Kristy, she focuses on my needs and abilities. She has taught me how to do the moves correctly which has really helped me become stronger and just plain feel better! I like using the machinery and props, she has it all! I highly recommend you try Your Body Pilates with Kristy; you’ll feel better! I’ve been doing it for 7 years!”



507 Lakeside Way
Mattawa, WA 99349

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